11 kinds of blow film formulations come! Improve film performance!

Reduce the thermal seal temperature formula for blowing film machine     The starting temperatures of various heat sealing films were as follows: LDPE 135 ° C, LLDPE 148 ° C, EVA (VA content of 7.5%) 107 ° C, EVA (VA content 12%) 93 ° C, EMA (methyl methacrylate) 79 ° C, EMAA (Vinyl methacrylic acid) 93 ° C, surledn121 ° C, EAA (vinyl acrylic acid) 93 ° C.       The various resins have good compatibility, and the extrusion blown film or extruded in the extrusion can reduce the heat sealing temperature after mixing each other. Such as: LDPE + EVA (50% + 50%) LDPE (50%) + 50% EMA; LDPE70% + 30% EAA; LDPE70% + 30% EMAA. Improve the heat-sealed film with cold resistance or heat resistance     The cold-resistant temperatures of various hot segments are as follows: EVA, EAA, EMAA can resist -65 ° C ~ -73 ° C, LLDPE can resist-68 ° C ~ -73 ° C, PC (polycarbonate) can be resistant to -65 ° C ~ -75 ° C, LDPE can resist -48 ° C ~ -50 ° C, MDPE can resist -42 ° C ~ -45 ° C, surleng can resist-38 ° C

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Frequently asked questions in plastic granulator operation

Why does the plastic granulator have an insufficient output phenomenon? How to overcome the lack output of plastic granulator, the product output is lack because the material is cured before the cavity is filled. Of course there are other reasons. Today’s professional plastic granulator manufacturer Shanghai Duxia Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. will introduce you. Temperature Cause: To increase the tube temperature, nozzle temperature, check millivast, thermocouple, resistive electric circle or far infrared heating device and heating system, improve mode temperature, check the mold temperature control device. Mold Cause: The plastic granulator flow path is too small, the gate is too small, the nozzle hole is too small, the gate position is unreasonable, the number of gates is too small, the amount of exhaust gas is insufficient, the injection cycle caused by the mold. Granulator Equipment Cause: Bourtic Battals, Bouffle Zerrous Section or All Blocked, the amount of addition is not enough, the addition control system is not normal, the injection machine plastic capacity, the injection cycle caused by the equipment. Extrusion condition Cause: The injection pressure of the plastic granulator is too low, the injection pressure loss is too large in the extrusion cycle, the injection time is too

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How can I buy a suitable PE blown film machine

Film blowing machine is a machine that heats and melts plastic particles and then blows into a film. There are blown film machines using PE, POF, PVC, PP as raw materials for production. Today we will talk about how to buy pe blown film machinesHow can I buy a suitable PE blown film machine/ pe film blowing machine?   Basically need to understand the following 2 points. * Do you need a single screw or twin screw film blowing machine( 2 layer film blowing machine) ? Or is it an ABA film blowing machine, or a 3 screw co-extrusion film blowing machine(3 layer film blowing machine)? single screw film blowing machine ABA 2 screws 3 layer film blowing machine ABC 3 screws 3 layer film blowing machine   * What is the maximum film width you want to produce, we have 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000 mm and other width models.   Other points that need to be clarified * Do you need dual-station rewinding(double winder) film blowing machine with single winder film blowing machine with double winder * Do you need  rotary die head, film blowing machine rotary die without rotary die * Do you need

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Plastic granulator work principle and basic technique

The reasonable choice of plastic granulator / plastic recycling machine  is to determine the standard of particle quality, worth learning and research! Shanghai Duxia Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. will introduce the working principle and basic techniques of plastic granulator: Plastic granulator / Plastic Recycling Machine basic information The host of the plastic granulator is an extruder, which consists of an extrusion system, a transmission system, and a heating cooling system. 1. Extrusion system, the extrusion system includes a screw, a barrel, a hopper, a head, and a mold, and plastic is plastic into a uniform melt by an extrusion system, and under pressure established in this process, the screw is continuous Extruder head. (1) Screw: It is the most important part of the extruder, which is directly related to the application range and productivity of the extruder, made of high-intensity corrosion-resistant alloy steel. (2) Basegu: It is a metal cylinder, which is generally made of a composite steel pipe that is highly resistant to heat, pressure resistance, rugged, resistant, and corrosion-resistant alloy steel or liner-lined with gold steel. The barrel is fitted with the screw to achieve pulverization, softening, melting, plasticizing, exhaust, and compaction of the plastic, and continuously

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Film Blowing machine extrusion technology fault diagnosis: Uneven film thickness

Uneven thickness blown film Almost, the most important requirement for operators is to open thin film products that meet the thickness of uniformity. Many of the design and configuration of the blown film equipment are dedicated to producing films that meet the thickness of uniformity and consistent throughout the production process. The thickness of thickness can lead to the quality of the product, but the downstream equipment is poor and a large number of film waste. Of course, large thickness deviations significantly reduce film profits, because in order to ensure mechanical properties, they have to do a thicker film.     “Tensile resonance” is manifested as a continuous change in the diameter of the membrane. As with other processing processes, such as sheet extrusion, the tensile resonance is because the melt is too fast, that is, the draft is too large. Solution is to reduce drafting ratio, such as increasing the screw speed.     “Spiral Membrane” or a serpentine film bubble means that a protrusion has a protrusion from the wind ring as a drafted movement. This situation is that the cream is too low to cool the wind overflow. Improve the cream height, such as increasing the amount

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Fault diagnosis of the blown film machine: the melt temperature is too high

    The design principle of the extruder is low temperature extrusion. Calculate economic expenditure: generating heat molten materials require cost, and removing heat cooling raw materials also cost. So the best situation is to provide only the amount of calories under the limit, and excess heat is wasteful. Another reason is that the cooling system efficiency is sufficient, and heat redundancy is a non-small burden, limiting production and quality of the product. The amount of extrudate is low, and under conditions of cooling efficiency, it means that the production can be high, and economic benefits can be improved. The premise of low temperature squeeze out is of course a temperature and high enough to protect product quality and equipment safety.     The cause of excessive melt temperature can be divided into two categories: equipment process and time accumulation. The reason for the equipment process causes high solution temperature, such as unreasonable temperature setting or screw design. All polymers extruded have a minimum extrusion temperature. If the speed of the barrel is too low, the shear thermopsis brought by the screw rotation is bound to raise the temperature of the raw material to the minimum temperature. This situation is

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Fault diagnosis of a blown film machine : excessive extrusion

     Extrusion is too low, usually, is too low, that is, the amount of extrusion of the blown film extruder is too low per minute. In most cases, it is only necessary to increase the production of the screw speed. But increasing the screw speed is not suitable for all situations. So this problem is more meaningful in discussion. The main reason for excessive production is excessive extrusion resistance, which is usually made of wroch clogging and screw wear. The impurities accumulation of the filter makes the flow path flow to reduce the yield. This is equivalent to increasing the die back pressure. In addition, the back pressure increases causes the pressure reflow in the extruder to increase, and more melt strands in the extruder to do circulation. As mentioned above, this also results in elevated melt temperature. Replace the filter at this time. There are also other possible reasons, such as the filter over secret or pressure regulating valve in front of the die.     The screw wear is generally manifested as an increase in the gap between the screw and the cartridge, which can reduce the amount of extrusion from two aspects. On the one hand,

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Thin film performance test of blown film machine: haze, density

6.10 haze (ASTM D1003)     The haze is an indicator of measuring the amount of light transmitted through the film. In the standard test method, the amount of light is used to detect the light through the film to the set angle range using the haze measuring equipment. The measurement was measured in a thin film ray incident surface. The higher the amount of incident light in the amount of light, the greater the fog degree. 6.11 density (ASTM D1505)     The density is the intrinsic properties of the material, defined as the weight of the unit volume material. For all materials, the density is related to temperature, because the temperature can alter the molecular spatial distribution, that is, the volume is changed. For solid-state polymers, especially polyethylene films, density is also significantly affected by crystallinity. The high-knockedmentinity means that the molecular arrangement is tight and the density is higher. The difference between high density polyethylene and low density polyethylene is different from the crystallinity.     The blow molding film density test is affected by multiple factors. In order to control the quality of film products, the processing process must be scientifically reasonable, but it is not

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Membrane of Film Blowing Machine

Although the membrane form is not a blown film component, it is directly affected, so it is also in this chapter. Typically, after the diameter is small in the mouth of the film bubble bottom portion, it is gradually solidified along the axis to form a cylinder having a large diameter thickness. After a certain height, the membrane is completely cured in diameter and no longer change. Membrane form can be described by the following parameters Mouth diameter Dictation gap Cream height Bubble Membrane diameter Membrane thickness Width The mouth diameter determines the diameter of the film bubble start, and the mouth-mode gap determines the film thickness at the beginning of the membrane bubble. The raw material is melt molten and is cooled. After a certain temperature, the raw material condensation is solidified. The distance required for this segment is referred to as the cream height. “Frost” is an operator’s image metaphor, where the polymer melt cooling solidification forms a crystal, and the transparency of the film decreases, it seems like frost. The convention is confirmed, where the cream is located in place in the largest diameter of the membrane, which is no longer a blow to stretching the membrane.

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Film Blowing machine production line control

    The purpose of production line control is to reduce all possible deviations. The mass of the film is maintained at dimensions and time stability. For example, the thickness of the film is in the same position in the production line, and it does not change in the time. This is a more complex problem due to many affected factors.     Creating a very complex control system around the production line, while ensuring high production capacity. Compared to manual control, there is nowday that there are many process processes that have been automated. The automation system is very effective to help production lines improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. This chapter introduces four aspects to control the dimensions and performance of the film: Melt quality Thin film thickness Width Cream height      How to get high quality in these four aspects? High quality melt is the main objective of extruder design. The melt mass can be characterized by continuously stable and uniform temperature and pressure. Uniformity is derived from several aspects: the uniformity of the raw material, the appropriate melting ability, and the mixing ability. The feedstock ensures fluidity by sampling. The supply instability causes the melt

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