Frequently asked questions in plastic granulator operation

  • Why does the plastic granulator have an insufficient output phenomenon?

    How to overcome the lack output of plastic granulator, the product output is lack because the material is cured before the cavity is filled. Of course there are other reasons. Today’s professional plastic granulator manufacturer Shanghai Duxia Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. will introduce you.

  1. Temperature Cause: To increase the tube temperature, nozzle temperature, check millivast, thermocouple, resistive electric circle or far infrared heating device and heating system, improve mode temperature, check the mold temperature control device.
  2. Mold Cause: The plastic granulator flow path is too small, the gate is too small, the nozzle hole is too small, the gate position is unreasonable, the number of gates is too small, the amount of exhaust gas is insufficient, the injection cycle caused by the mold.
  3. Granulator Equipment Cause: Bourtic Battals, Bouffle Zerrous Section or All Blocked, the amount of addition is not enough, the addition control system is not normal, the injection machine plastic capacity, the injection cycle caused by the equipment.
  4. Extrusion condition Cause: The injection pressure of the plastic granulator is too low, the injection pressure loss is too large in the extrusion cycle, the injection time is too short, the total pressure time is too short, the injection rate is too slow, the cavity flows are interrupted, The reflex rate is not equal, and the injection cycle caused by operating conditions is abnormal.
  • Plastic granulator machine head is not smooth or blocked

    Some people asked the plastic granulator machine heads not smooth or blocked. Today, the plastic granulator manufacturer Shanghai Zeaha Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. will give you the reason and how to handle it.

    First we have to know why the granulator head is not smooth or blocked:

1. Is it a foreign matter that is not easy to melt.

2, the heater is not working in a certain period, and the material plasticization is poor.

3, the operating temperature is set low, or the molecular weight distribution of the plastic is wide and unstable.

    After understanding the reason why the plastic granulator head is not smooth or blocked, we can fix it:

1. Check the heater and replace it if necessary.

2. Clean up inspection of the extrusion system and the head.

3. Verify the set temperature of each segment, if necessary, negotiate with the craft staff and improve the temperature set value.

  • Why does the plastic granulator host does not scroll?

   Today, plastic granulator manufacturers come to give you the reasons and treatment methods of the plastic granulator host without scrolling.

    The reason why the plastic granulator host does not scroll or instantaneously causes this failure. It is generally possible that the power supply of the main motor is not connected, or the heating temperature is insufficient, or one of the heater does not work, resulting in too much torque Motor overload. Treatment of this fault in plastic granulator:

1. Check if the host circuit is connected, connected to the power.

2, check the temperature display of each segment, confirm the warmth of the warm-up.

3. Check if each heater is damaged or has a poor phenomenon.


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