How to choose a suitable PE blown film machine/ pe film blowing machine?

Film blowing machine is a machine that heats and melts plastic particles and then blows into a film. There are blown film machines using PE, POF, PVC, PP as raw materials for production. Today we will talk about how to buy pe blown film machinesHow can I buy a suitable PE blown film machine/ pe film blowing machine?


    Basically need to understand the following 2 points.

    * Do you need a single screw or twin screw film blowing machine( 2 layer film blowing machine) ? Or is it an ABA film blowing machine, or a 3 screw co-extrusion film blowing machine(3 layer film blowing machine)?

    * What is the maximum film width you want to produce, we have 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000 mm and other width models.


    Other points that need to be clarified

    * Do you need dual-station rewinding(double winder)* Do you need  rotary die head, do you need upper rotary  die head, or do you need  the lower rotary die head?

    * Do you need a corona processor

    * Do you need an automatic suction machine

    * Do you need a quick screen changer, a hydraulic screen changer, or a basic manual screen changer?


If you basically confirm the answers to the above questions, we can submit a basic quotation to you according to your basic requirements. If there are any uncertain questions, please contact our sales, he can also give you a quotation according to the conventional configuration.


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