Plastic granulator /plastic recycling machine operating requirements

Preparation for operation of plastic granulator/ plastic recycling machine

For the plastics used for extrusion molding, the raw materials should meet the required drying requirements, if necessary, further drying is required, and the raw materials are screened to remove agglomerates and mechanical impurities. Before the operation of the granulator, check whether the water and electrical systems in the equipment are normal to ensure that the water and gas path is unblocked, without leakage, whether the electrical system is normal, whether the heating system, temperature control, and various instruments are working reliably, and the auxiliary machine is empty for trial operation. Observe whether the equipment is operating normally, add oil to the lubrication parts of various equipment, and remove any faults in time. Install the head and sizing sleeve, select the head specifications according to the product type and size. Install the machine head in order.After the constant temperature, you can start driving. Before driving, tighten the head and the flange bolts of the pelletizer again to eliminate the difference in thermal expansion between the bolts and the head. The order of tightening the head bolts is diagonal tightening, and the force should be even. When the head flange nut is tight, the surrounding tightness is required, otherwise the material will run out.


Plastic granulator / plastic recycling machine in operation

When the granulator is in operation, press the “Ready to start” button, then connect to the “Start” button, and then slowly rotate the screw speed adjustment knob, the screw speed starts slowly, and then gradually increases, while adding a small amount of material, pay close attention to the host when feeding The indication changes of the ammeter and various indication meters. The screw torque cannot exceed the red mark.During the operation of the plastic granulator, no one should stand directly in front of the die mouth before the plastic profile is extruded, to prevent injury accidents caused by bolts breaking or foaming due to wet raw materials. After the plastic is extruded from the die, the extrudate needs to be slowly cooled and led to the traction device and the shaping die, and these devices are activated. Then according to the indication value of the control instrument and the requirements of the extruded product, the various parts are adjusted accordingly to make the entire extrusion operation reach the normal state. And add enough material according to needs, the operation of the twin-screw granulator adopts a metering feeder to feed evenly and at a constant speed.

When loading and unloading heavy parts such as heads and screws, the safety items that should be paid attention to in the operation of the plastic granulator are: electricity, heat, mechanical transmission and the loading and unloading of heavy parts. The granulator workshop must be equipped with lifting equipment to ensure safe production.The main points of the operation of the granulator are different, but there are also common points. Shanghai Duxia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. will briefly introduce you the same operation method and the key points of granulator operation that should be paid attention to when extruding various products.

When making different plastic products, it can generally be judged according to the appearance of the extruded material. When the die is evenly discharged and the plasticization is good, it can be pulled into the shaping sleeve. The judgment of the degree of plasticization requires experience, that is, the appearance is shiny, free of impurities, and no foaming, no burnt material, no discoloration. Squeeze the extruded material by hand to a certain level without burrs or cracks, and have a certain degree of elasticity, which indicates good plasticization. If the plasticization is poor, the screw speed, barrel and head temperature can be adjusted appropriately until the requirements are met. Regularly check whether various process parameters are normal according to process requirements, and fill in the process record sheet. Check the quality of the profile products according to the quality inspection specifications, and take timely solutions when problems are found.


Shutdown of plastic granulator operation.

Extrude the plastic in the plastic granulator, stop feeding, and when the screw is exposed, turn off the power of the barrel and head, stop heating, and stop the screw and auxiliary machinery.2. Turn off the power supply of the granulator and auxiliary machines, and clean the perforated plate and the various parts of the machine head. To prevent damage to the inner surface of the machine head during cleaning, open the machine head connecting flange. The remaining material in the machine head should be cleaned with steel plates, and then the plastic adhered to the machine head should be polished with sandpaper, and then coated with engine oil or silicone oil to prevent rust.3. Cleaning the screw barrel. Restart the main engine and clean the screw and barrel with the stop feed. The screw is selected at a low speed to reduce wear. After the stop feed is ground into powder and is completely extruded, compressed air can be used to repeatedly blow out the remaining pellets and powder from the feed port exhaust port until the machine After there is no residual material in the barrel, reduce the screw speed to zero, stop the granulator, and turn off the main power supply and the main cold water valve.


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