Biodegradable material for making straws DP-5122

Description:With PLA, PBAT and other fully biodegradable materials as the main raw materials, we have developed several series of fully biodegradable modified resins for different application scenarios. According to the different processing methods, they can be divided into special materials for film bags, extrusion materials, and special materials for blister molding. The modified resins comply with GB/T, EN, ASTM and other fully biodegradable standards, and some of the materials meet the food contact requirements. We have been registered with FDA in the U.S.A. We strive to bring healthy and environmentally friendly fully biodegradable materials to our customers at home and abroad.
Category: Straw-modified resins
Brand Name:DP-5122

Characteristics:For Straight Tubes
Applications:straight straw

Details about Biodegradable material for making straws DP-5122

product description
Fully biodegradable modified resin, special material for straw elbow
Characteristics and application fields
The material has excellent mechanical properties, high toughness and can be completely degraded; The product is not easy to deform; Meet DIN certification, EN13432, GB4806.7 and FDA testing standards. Apply to disposable straight pipes, bent pipes and other extruded straw products.
Typical performance


test itemtest conditiontesting nominativeunitreference value
Basic physical properties
proportion/ISO 1183g/cm31.34
melt flow rate190℃,2.16kgGB/T 3682g/10min11
mechanical character
tensile-strength23℃,50mm/minISO 527MPa35
elongation at break23℃,50mm/minISO 527%200
distortion temperature/GB/T 163461
flexural strength23℃,2mm/minGB/T 9341N/mm245
Notched impact strength23℃,2.75JGB/T 1843KJ/m20.74
Suggested processing conditions
drying temperature80
drying timeh2-4
Processing temperature165-185

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