Description:With PLA, PBAT and other fully biodegradable materials as the main raw materials, we have developed several series of fully biodegradable modified resins for different application scenarios. According to the different processing methods, they can be divided into special materials for film bags, extrusion materials, and special materials for blister molding. The modified resins comply with GB/T, EN, ASTM and other fully biodegradable standards, and some of the materials meet the food contact requirements. We have been registered with FDA in the U.S.A. We strive to bring healthy and environmentally friendly fully biodegradable materials to our customers at home and abroad.
Category:Flame retardant, stiffener
Characteristic:High gloss, ultra-high heat resistance, easy to flow and easy to process
Application:Bumpers, grilles, centre consoles, bus panels, low-voltage electrical switches, new energy charging system parts, battery housings, power drive housings, etc.

Details about CA-9030

Modified PC/ABS CA-9030 
product description

Ultra-high heat-resistant injection-molded modified PC/ABS

Characteristics and application fields

High gloss, ultra-high heat resistance, easy flow and easy processing, suitable for household appliances, automobile interior and exterior decoration, electronic appliances and other fields.

Typical performance 
test item test condition testing nominative unitreference value
Basic physical properties 
proportion 23℃ ISO 1183 g/cm31.15
melt flow rate 260℃,5KG ISO 1133 g/10min18
mechanical character 
tensile-strength 50mm/min ISO 527-2 MPa54
elongation at break 50mm/min ISO 527-2 %40
flexural strength 2mm/min ISO 178 MPa85
flexural modulus 2mm/min ISO 178 MPa2300
Notch impact strength of simply supported beam 23℃ ISO 179-1 KJ/㎡40
hot property 
distortion temperature 0.45MPa ISO 75-2 ℃127
Vicat softening temperature temperature B50 ISO 306 ℃127
flame retardation 
combustion characteristics 23℃ ISO 3795 mm/min20
Suggested processing conditions 
drying temperature ℃100-120
drying time h4-6
Injection molding temperature ℃240-270
Mold temperature ℃60-120

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