CI Flexo Printing Machine – Film Type

The center cylinder flexographic printing machine is an advanced flexographic printing machine that can print high-quality graphics and images on different types of substrates with speed and accuracy. Suitable for flexible packaging industry. It is designed to print quickly and efficiently on substrates with high precision and is very fast in production. It has the characteristics of precise structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance and high degree of automation, and can be operated by only one person.

Details about CI Flexo Printing Machine – Film Type

Technical Parameters:
· Model: CHCI-E Series
· Maximum mechanical speed: 300m/min
· Number of printing colors: 4/6/8
· Rewinding and unwinding diameter: φ800mm
· Repetitive hard brush length: 400-900mm
· Ink: water-based ink or solvent ink
· Power supply: voltage 380V. 50 HZ.3PH
· Substrate range: plastic film, paper, non-woven fabric.

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