DXZD-A400/500/600 High Speed Three-side Sealing Bag Making Machine


DXZD-A600 is a high speed bag-making machine with reasonable structure and high pressure for three-side sealing.The machine equipped with industrial grade very well in order to achieve fine resultsof high quality and eflciency Computer and material feeding digital AC sevro system can integratethe bag-making precision and speed. Computer-controlled three-side sealing bag making machine This machine adopts PLC microcomputer control, dual servo and double frequency conversion speed regulation, photoelectric monitoring correction, pneumatic transmission and other technologies. It integrates machine photoelectricity and adopts automatic unwinding, butt cutting and tension adjustment control systems , Five-row bridge type vertical sealing hot knife heat sealing and circulating water cooling bonding device, heating temperature Pc control, according to the need to add a variety of special-shaped bag auxiliary bag making device. The whole machine has the characteristics of high degree of automation, good product quality and strong versatility.

Details about DXZD-A400/500/600 High Speed Three-side Sealing Bag Making Machine

Three-side sealing bag making machine use
It is used to produce all kinds of plastic-plastic and paper-plastic composite materials. It is an ideal bag-making equipment for various middle-sealed bags and three-side sealed bags. It is widely used in three-side sealed bags such as plastic composite film, aluminum-plastic composite film, paper-plastic composite film, and is also suitable for the production of special-shaped bags such as self-supporting bags, concave and convex buckle bags, zipper bags and so on.

Technical parametersModel
SpecificationSLZD A600
MaterialApplicable to various heat seal compounds
Volume sizeMaximum width: 1250mm Maximum diameter: 900mm
Bag making speedTrilateral seal, 160 segments/min (actual speed depends on material, bag type)
Bag width600mm
Bag length50-400mm (one pull length) over 370mm length with double feed function (maximum 6 times send)
Bag making parametersis displayed by CRT in real time, preset auto-counting, punching time, and can choose continuous working mode such as non-rushing
Information TipsPhotoelectric loss, temperature is out of tolerance. Intermediate tension, etc.
UnwindingLPC correction, automatic constant tension
Feeding1KW+1.5KW= 2.5KW
Vertical seal2.5KW*8= 20KW
Horizontal seal2.5KW*6=15KW
Control system, etc.1KW
Cooling water15 liters/min
Air source0.6Mpa
weightabout 5500kg
Dimensions8500*1700*1950mm (length, width, height)

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