Edge material online recycling machine


The edge material on-line recycling machine is used in conjunction with the blown film machine, wire drawing machine, cast film machine, stretch film machine, bubble film machine, sheet machine and other mainframes to recycle waste materials online. This model is suitable for the main machine screw above 50mm, and the waste material is about 25-60kg/h. This set of equipment includes traction organization, main machine, fan, barrel, feeding screw, leather tube, etc. It can be used after installation.

Details about Edge material online recycling machine

Online edge material recycling machine features:

The traction organization is reasonably designed to maintain stability when hauling the side strips, and has the characteristics of continuous feeding and no jamming.

The motor uses a brand-new 100% pure copper core motor with quality assurance. A custom-made coupling is installed between the cutter shaft and the motor to reduce internal friction loss, keep the motor smooth and stable during long-term continuous operation, and increase the service life of the motor.

The blade uses tungsten steel alloy tools, which have a series of excellent properties such as high hardness, good wear resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

The fan is a medium-pressure centrifugal fan with strong wind pressure and far blowing. Use a specially customized heat-resistant motor. Avoid long-time work that causes the motor temperature to be too high and extend its service life.

Technical parameters of Online edge material recycling machine 

Model: Type 180

traction Host power: 1.5kw

Fan power: 1.1kw

Traction power: 0.5kw

Feeding power: 0.4kw

Number of blades: 3+2

Size: 85*70*125cm

Weight: 200kg

Voltage 380v

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