F2S Double Layers Stretch Film Extruding Machine

Product Description

The double-layer co-extrusion stretch film machine uses LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) as the main raw material, adopts several different brands of resin, and is extruded through the extruder to produce a self-adhesive single-sided or double-sided adhesive stretch Stretch film, which has high tensile strength, puncture resistance and impact resistance.
    Stretch film has good shrinkage memory and self-adhesion, can make the goods tightly wrapped into a whole, prevent flashing and collapsing and dust pollution during transportation, and the film also has excellent transparency and extensibility, which can make the packaged items beautiful and elegant. Economical and practical.
   It can be widely used in bulk pallet packaging of bulk goods, and is a good alternative to heat shrinkable packaging film during transportation..

Details about F2S Double Layers Stretch Film Extruding Machine

Technical Specifications

Applicable MaterialsLDPE  LLDPE
Width of Film6001200
Thickness of Film0.01-0.10
Max. Extrusion Output40kg/h80kg/h
Screw DiameterΦ45×2Φ55×2
Screw L/D Ratio28:1
Power of Main Engine1115
Film StructureA/B,A/B/AA/B,A/B/A
Total Power3852
Weight of Machine3.24.6
Overall Dimension6x3x1.97×3.2×1.9

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