FB-D High Speed HDPE/LDPE Film Blowing Machine

Product Description

The unit is used to blow plastic films with LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE as raw materials, and widely used for packaging food, apparel & textile, daily necessities and industrial supplies. The extruder of the unit is designed with a special screw stem and characterized by high output and good plasticization and so on. The medium-speed film blowing machine increases the power of the main motor , gearbox and  is equipped with high-quality screws. Increase the amount of extruder, so that the output of the extruder can be increased in the same time.

The basic configuration of the machine is: high-quality single screw, enlarged model motor, high-precision die head, single tuyere wind ring, single rewinding. If customers need other requirements, please contact us.


Details about FB-D High Speed HDPE/LDPE Film Blowing Machine

The main structure of film blowing machine 
It is mainly composed of extruder, machine head, die head, cooling device, foam stabilizer, herringbone plate, traction roller, coiling device, etc.

The extruder is mainly composed of a screw, a barrel, a hopper, a deceleration and a drive motor. The drive motor adopts an electromagnetic speed-regulating motor (or a frequency conversion ordinary motor). The reducer is driven by a belt drive to make the screw rotate in the barrel; When the hopper plastic particles are heated externally, the molten plastic is squeezed from the die orifice through a three-pass filter.
Die head
This unit adopts advanced spiral die structure. According to the particularity of high pressure, low pressure, mixed material, recycled polyethylene material, and comprehensively considered, the main technologies such as spiral angle, retreat angle, fixed angle length, die opening degree, etc. are designed Parameters, selected and finalized after many comparison tests,
Cooling device
Composed of cooling air ring, air duct, blower, etc.
Composed of main components such as traction frame, herringbone plate, traction roller, winding mechanism and traction motor
Electrical control
Generally, the unit is equipped with a unit operating cabinet. Press the main button to turn on the main power supply and turn on the main motor switch. The main body and the tee can be controlled by the button switch. Each button of the mouth mold is electrically heated. The two sets of coils in the key parts adopt thermocouples. Automatic temperature measurement and automatic temperature control. During the normal production process, the temperature can be automatically controlled to ensure the stability and reliability of the production process.

Technical Specifications

Applicable MaterialsLDPE  LLDPE  HDPE
Width of Film60080010001200
Thickness of Film0.01-0.10
Max. Extrusion Output60kg/h80kg/h100kg/h120kg/h
Screw DiameterΦ50Φ55Φ60Φ65
Screw L/D Ratio30:1
Rotate Speed of Screw10-100r/min
Power of Main Engine18.5223037
Diameter of Die OrificeΦ80/Φ120Φ80/Φ160Φ120/Φ220Φ130/Φ250
Total Power28364252
Weight of Machine33.64.25
Overall Dimension4.6x2x44.8×2.2×4.35×2.4×4.86.8×2.6×5.5

The data is subject to change without prior notice.

Optional equipment: 
1) auto load 
2) air compressor 
3) special die 
4) die rotary device 
5) bouble sides winder 
6) up and down.

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