FB-E Mini hdpe/ldpe Film Blowing Machine

Product Description

It is used to blow plastic films with LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE as raw materials, and widely used for packaging food, apparel & textile, daily necessities and industrial supplies. The mini film blowing machine is an export model that our company sells well. It has a small size and can save container transportation space. It can meet most of the production requirements of customers. It can be used for the production of shoe covers films, glove film , vest bag film , and garbage bag film, supermarket continuous roll bag film, versatile, multi-purpose machine, strong adaptability.

Main structure of film blowing machine
It is mainly composed of extruder, machine head, die head, cooling device, foam stabilizer, herringbone plate, traction roller, coiling device, etc.

Details about FB-E Mini hdpe/ldpe Film Blowing Machine


1. The screw and barrel are made of 38CRMOALA alloy steel, which is made by nitriding treatment and precision processing, with high hardness, strong corrosion resistance and durability.

2. The die head is plated with hard chrome, the structure is spiral mandrel type, the extruded molten material is uniform, and the blown film has a good finish: the structure of the air cooling device is a labyrinth, and the air output is uniform.

3. The rewinding device adopts pressure friction rewinding or central rewinding, and is adjusted by a torque motor, which makes the rewinding smooth and easy to change.

4. All use well-known electrical brands, Siemens brand Bede Motor,Delta frequency converter,Yatai temperature control table,Omron relay,LS contactor,Chint air circuit breaker

5. The whole machine is integrated, convenient for transportation and installation.


Technical Specifications

Applicable MaterialsLDPE  LLDPE  HDPE
Width of Film600800
Thickness of Film0.008-0.10
Max. Extrusion Output40kg/h50kg/h
Screw DiameterΦ50Φ55
Screw L/D Ratio28:1
Rotate Speed of Screw10-100r/min
Power of Main Engine1115
Diameter of Die OrificeΦ80/Φ120Φ80/Φ160
Total Power2228
Weight of Machine2.22.6
Overall Dimension4x2x2.84.6×2.3×3.8

The data is subject to change without prior notice.


After-sales Service

We guarantee fix for the equipment for 1 Year and only change spare parts which belong to the  quality of equipment in one year(except man-made causation)


Debugging and Installation:Seller delegates engineers to RECIPIENT to make a supervision of correct installation, commissioning and provide training by asking of Buyer. Buyer will pay for round trip tickets, habitations, food for Seller’s engineers,and USD100 per day for subsidy.

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