FB-G PP Rotary Die Film Blowing Machine

Product Description

The unit is used to blow plastic films with PP as raw material, and widely used for packaging food, apparel & textile, daily necessities and industrial supplies. The cylinders and screw stems of extruder of the unit are made of high-quality alloy steel and have optimum hardness and strong corrosion resistance thanks to the nitridation and precision finishing process.

Details about FB-G PP Rotary Die Film Blowing Machine


Technical Specifications

Applicable MaterialsPP
Width of Film600800
Thickness of Film0.015-0.08
Max. Extrusion Output38kg/h46kg/h
Screw DiameterΦ65Φ75
Screw L/D Ratio28:1
Rotate Speed of Screw10-100r/min
Power of Main Engine1518.5
Diameter of Die OrificeΦ250Φ350
Total Power2836
Weight of Machine33.5
Overall Dimension4.8x2x45×2.2×4.2

The data is subject to change without prior notice.


The basic configuration of pp film blowing machine is: 38CrMOALA screw and barrel produced by Zhoushan, stainless steel heater, hard tooth gear box, 360 ° rotating die head, double tuyere cooling air ring, independent central torque double winding, equipped with random accessories One set, one air pump and three water jackets. Automatic suction machine, if you need other configuration, please contact us.

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