Film folding and rewinding machine

Product Name

ZB Series Film Folding and Rewinding Machine

Product Application:
Suitable for folding BOPP, PP, CPP, POF, PE and other materials in half (the flatness of the sheet is better). This machine is the previous process of the bag making machine;

Details about Film folding and rewinding machine

Fold in half, automatically apply tape, fold the bottom of the organ, apply pearl film, frequency conversion speed regulation (additional functions: ultrasonic, automatic meter counter, photoelectric correction, retractable magnetic powder brake, double folding function;)



Technical Specifications

Width of roll materials550mm650mm750mm
Diameter of roll materials990mm990mm990mm
Linear speed90m/min90m/min90m/min
Total Power1.522.5
Weight of Machine8509501050
Overall Dimension3000×1200×15003000×1300×15003000×1400×1500

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