Flat cam high speed six shuttle circular loom

Performance and characteristics
The newly developed plane cam high-speed six shuttle circular loom DX-FYB850-6 type), which is newly developed by our company, is a new design specially designed for the formation of high-quality cylindrical fabrics from plastic flat yarns, and produced small-fold diameter plastic woven cylindrical bags It can be widely used in chemical bags, cement bags, rice bags, flour bags and feed bags. The main properties are:

1. It adopts a new plane cam mechanism, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, consumption reduction, stable operation and low failure.

2. Precise intelligent lifting system. Realize automatic compensation for knitting. Eliminate squeezing and sparseness of the cloth when shutting down and starting up.

3. Active warp let-off system, weft broken and finished weft signal transmission detection system. As well as the automatic winding system, they provide good conditions for high-quality base fabrics.

4. PLC man-machine interface operation, powerful function, centralized control, convenient operation

Details about Flat cam high speed six shuttle circular loom

ModelNumber of shuttles


Braided folding diameter (40 diameter wires/100mm)Maximum number of diametersHost speed


Total motor power


Output (m/hour) (40 diameter wire/100mm)Installation size (length*width*height)





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