High speed plastic T-shirt bag making machine

The newly-designed ultra-high-speed vest bag making machine is specially designed for making T-shirt bags. Double-channel ultra-high speed production (with printed patterns or no printing groups), easy operation and high output The machine uses special servo motor drive and drive control technology.
1. Full-automatic control of feeding tension frequency conversion.
2. The sealing knife rotates firmly and is easy to clean.
3. The bag is folded or unfolded.
4. Multiple automatic alarms and automatic shutdown design.
5. The machine can produce speeds up to 350 / min * 2 channels = 700 / min.

Details about High speed plastic T-shirt bag making machine

Product Description
1. This machine uses HDPE, LDPE and biodegradable cylinder film as raw materials to produce natural color and printed vest bags/T-shirt bags. Adopt computer programming control system, servo motor automatically set length, complete from feeding, sealing, cutting and punching at one time.
2. The vest bag making machine is equipped with two servo motor control systems, computer control, LPC LCD screen display and Panasonic photoelectric eye tracking control. The operation is intuitive and convenient. It can produce two color printing bags at the same time.
3. This plastic T-shirt bag making machine adopts imported frequency converter to simulate speed regulation and automatic feeding system to make the bag making stable and accurate sealing and cutting. Automatic punching machine folding device, conveyor belt bag feeding function, easy to collect.
4. The unwinding is driven by free tension control, and the feeding speed is automatically controlled according to the speed requirements of the machine. It is equipped with an air-pressure lifting and unwinding rack, which is convenient for film loading and an air-expansion unwinding shaft.
5. Blowing-type discharging system, with the design of the bottom of the bag, the bag collection is neat and the punching position is accurate.
6. The imported cutter adopts independent current heating, and the high-precision temperature controller automatically controls the temperature, which is convenient for operation and accurate in temperature control.
7. The whole machine adopts automatic control of IC electronic circuit, socket design, easy to change; and has the functions of no material, broken material and blocked material.

Technical Specifications

Bag-making width200-400mm×2
Bag-making length300-600mm×2
Bag-making thickness0.01-0.05mm
Speed range300-350pcs/min×2
Air pressure5kg/c㎡
Total Power8.5
Weight of Machine2200
Overall Dimension6000×1500×1700

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