LRP-W paper handle machine (water glue type)


This machine is a new generation of hand-held machine specially developed for paper bag carrying.The machine clips the paper rope between two layers of kraft paper, glues it, presses it, and then automatically cuts it into a single handle.It is an ideal supporting product for the production line of portable paper bag machine.

Details about LRP-W paper handle machine (water glue type)

Features :
1.The cost of water-based glue is low, and it is not easy to fall off at low temperature.
2.Easy to operate and fast speed

Technical parameters:

Paper rope spacing (W)45 mm63.5 mm79 mm95 mm110 mm
Paper length (L)95 mm127 mm158 mm190 mm222 mm
Paper width (h)30-40 mm
Paper rope diameter (D)3-5 mm
Paper rope height (H)100 mm
Maximum speed200 pcs/min
Paper weight80-120 gsm
Roll width60-80 mm
Maximum paper roll diameter1000 mm
Inner diameter of paper roll76 mm
Total power4.5 Kw
Machine weight1500 kg
Dimensions4700×1300×1500 mm

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