Multi Colors Gravure Printing Machine

Product Description

This machine is suitable for continuously printing plastic films, fabrics, thin leather and other packaging products. It can print a one- or two-sided page at one time. The 360° register device ensures the adjustment of printing color matching as required at any time and accurate register without affecting the film stretching. The infrared tube-drying device can achieve drying at a speed of up to 60 m/min. With clear and exquisite patterns, machines for 1–8 colors are available.

Details about Multi Colors Gravure Printing Machine

Technical Specifications

Printing width600mm800mm1000mm
Printing Length200-750mm200-1000mm200-1100mm
Printing speed10~60m/min10~60m/min10~60m/min
Accurate registration±0.25mm±0.25mm±0.25mm
Power of Main Engine2.2kw4kw7.5kw
Power of fan0.12kw×2/group0.12kw×2/group0.12kw×2/group
Heating power2kw/group3kw/group4kw/group
Overall dimensions1200×(Number of bases+1)×1400×20001200×(Number of bases+1)×1600×20001200×(Number of bases+1)×1800×2000

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