PA Modified Engineering Plastics EN-2016-HR BK001

Description:With PLA, PBAT and other fully biodegradable materials as the main raw materials, we have developed several series of fully biodegradable modified resins for different application scenarios. According to the different processing methods, they can be divided into special materials for film bags, extrusion materials, and special materials for blister molding. The modified resins comply with GB/T, EN, ASTM and other fully biodegradable standards, and some of the materials meet the food contact requirements. We have been registered with FDA in the U.S.A. We strive to bring healthy and environmentally friendly fully biodegradable materials to our customers at home and abroad.
Category:PA66: high wear resistance, self-lubricating, high rigidity
Brand:EN-2016-HR BK001
Characteristic:High mechanical properties with excellent resistance to heat and hydrolysis
Application:Automotive industry, instrument housings, nylon cable ties and other products requiring high impact resistance and high strength

Details about PA Modified Engineering Plastics EN-2016-HR BK001


product description
30% glass fiber reinforced, injection-molded modified PA66.
Characteristics and application fields
High mechanical properties, excellent heat resistance and hydrolysis resistance. It is mainly used in automobile field, such as automobile water room. This product is made of black material, and can also be colored according to requirements.
Typical performance


test itemtest conditiontesting nominativeunitreference value
Basic physical properties
proportion23℃ISO 1183g/cm31.36
water absorption23℃, ISO 62%1.25
Molding Shrinkage60*60*2mmISO 294-4%
-parallel direction23℃,50%RH,24h0.25-0.45
—— Vertical direction23℃,50%RH,24h0.95-1.25
mechanical character
tensile-strength2mm/minISO 527-1/-2MPa195
tensile modulus2mm/minISO 527-1/-2MPa10000
elongation at break2mm/minISO 527-1/-2%3.2
flexural strength2mm/minISO 178MPa250
flexural modulus2mm/minISO 178MPa8000
Notched impact strength of simply supported beam23℃ISO 179/1eAKJ/m212.8
Notched impact strength of simply supported beam23℃ISO 179/1eUKJ/m288
Thermal performance
distortion temperature80*10*4mm,1.80MPaISO 75-1/-2245
melting pointDSC,10℃/min/minISO 11357-1/3262
flame retardation
fire resistance3.2mmUL94ClassHB
Glowing filament combustion index3.2mmIEC 60695-2-12650
electrical property
volume resistivity100*3mmIEC 60093Ω·m1.0E+13
surface resistivity100*3mmIEC 60093Ω1.0E+14
Comparative electric trace indexSolution A,3mmIEC 60112V550
Suggested processing conditions
drying temperaturehot air drying110-140

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