PE PP film cleaning production line

Introduction of waste plastic PP PE film PP woven bag recycling and washing line
1. This equipment is a complete set of reliable waste plastic recycling and cleaning equipment
2. The whole set of equipment includes a label removal machine, a label suction machine, a shredding crusher, a rinsing tank, thermal cleaning, dehydrating machine and drying system. This equipment has the advantages of low water consumption and low power consumption.
3. Our company produces. PET and bottom sinking material recycling and washing line. PE/PP and floating material recycling and washing line. Film recycling and washing line. And pelletizing equipment.
4. According to different materials and requirements, we have different crushers and dewatering systems to choose from. You can contact our staff. We will provide you with optimized suggestions.
5. Electric control part: main circuit breaker Delixi, low-voltage electrical Schneider. Inverter Delta. Temperature control meter Omron.

Details about PE PP film cleaning production line

PE, PP film cleaning production line configuration and quotation 300kg/hour

  1. Production technical conditions:
  2. Applicable power supply voltage: 380V/3phase/50Hz
  3. Raw materials: suitable for the recycling, washing and drying of PP, PE waste woven bags and tons of bags.

(Note: The production volume may vary according to the processing materials and operating conditions.)

  1. Operation direction: from right to left
  2. The layout can be designed according to the customer’s site.
    No.NameTechnical  parameter
    1Conveying equipment


    Function: Safe feeding of crusher

    1. Width of light rubber conveyor belt: 500mm

    2. Working length: 5m

    3. Conveying speed: 6m/min

    4. Motor power: 1.5KW

    5. Weight: 300kg



    1. Function: smash with water to achieve the best cleaning effect

    2. Model PB800

    3. Motor power: 30kw

    4. Rotation speed: 600r/min

    5. Number of blades: 10

    6. Blade material: SKD11

    3The first friction cleaning


    1. Function: Improve feeding and high-speed friction cleaning at the same time to further remove surface attachments

    2. Motor power: 7.5Kw

    3. Rotation speed: 600r/min

    4. Remarks: Special cleaning door, main shaft and blades are made of wear-resistant carbon steel, with sewage collection design.

    4Rinsing tank 1#


    Function: Multi-round rinsing, collection and discharge of sediment

    1. Fork motor: 1.5KW

    2. Water tank length: 4800mm

    3. Water tank width: 1200mm

    4. Water tank height: 1700mm

    5Vertical friction washer



    1. Use sealed bearings,2. Made of wear-resistant carbon steel

    3. Motor power: 7.5kw,4. Outer cylinder diameter 530mm

    5.Inner cylinder diameter 273mm,6.Cylinder length: 1.6M

    Function: The bearing is outside the rinsing tank, which is easy to maintain and maintain. By rubbing and slapping the washing material, at the same time, the waste water from the initial washing material is filtered out and left in the dirty water rinsing tank. The clean material is discharged to the second rinsing tank for cleaning without polluting the water in the second rinsing tank.

    6Horizontal dehydrator


    1. Motor 11KW

    2.Inner cylinder diameter 370mm, outer cylinder diameter 750mm, length

    2M long

    3. Carbon steel

    7Hot air drying system


    1. Fan power: 5.5KW+0.75kw

    2. Heating power: 36KW



    Volume 1m³

    Material: Stainless steel

    9Electric cabinet


    Electrical appliance brand: Schneider

    Motor: Jiangsu Jiamusi

    10Plastic agglomerator


    Model 150

    Capacity 150L

    Output 60-80kg/h

    Host power 18kw

    Add water divice 125w

    heating power 1.5kw

    Spindle speed 660r/min

    dimensions 1500×700×1400mm

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