Plastic milling granulator

Product Name

HQ-150 liters plastic granulator capacity 60-80kg / hour

Product Description

This machine applies Japan’s advanced technology, using multiple knife quick crushing, continuous mixing, mixing friction heating, rapid cooling shrinkage principle, the plastic film, wire, tape, sheet, soft plastic tube, foam material, Material into pellets into reproduction, is the latest plastic recycling ideal granulation equipment.

1. Recycling waste and scrap materials of various soft plastic films, bags, wires, belts, sheets and tubes of polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene and linear low density polyethylene, Put into production.

2, on the degradation of plastic film and angle material smashing, granulation recovery and reproduction.

3, the chemical fiber materials (polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, etc.) for crushing, granulation, put into the production of waste silk processing.

4, a multi-purpose machine. Can replace the mixer or dryer.

Details about Plastic milling granulator

Technical Specifications

main feature:

A: crushing, mixing, coloring can be carried out at once

B: The machine covers a small area

C: Mechanical structure is simple, easy to operate

D: Adjustable blade clearance, easy tool change

E: high production efficiency, low energy consumption (1 ton per day, power consumption 200 degrees)

F: pelletizing at low temperature, basically does not destroy the molecular structure of raw materials, does not damage the physical properties

Drum volume150L/
Production Capacity50-80kg/h
Main motor power18.5kw
Speed of main axis600r/min
Number of blades2pcs Rotating 6 fixed
Overall dimension1.5×0.7×1.4m

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