Single screw stretch film extrusion line

First, use:
This machine is used for the production of plastic LLDPE stretch film, stretch film, and cling film. The product is widely used in food preservation, commodity packaging, and bulk pallet packaging of bulk goods. It is a better substitute for heat shrinkable packaging film in transportation.
2. Performance characteristics:
2.1. Use several different grades of resin to produce self-adhesive single-sided adhesive stretch film and stretch film, which has high tensile strength, puncture resistance and impact resistance;
2.2. The whole machine adopts full frequency conversion control, and the frequency conversion speed regulation operation is stable, efficient and low energy consumption;
2.3. The product adopts a one-time molding process and has a special edge material reciprocating collection device, which can be used with a waste edge crusher;
2.4. Fully automatic mechanical roll change, saving labor and time, running without stopping, and changing rolls neatly.

Details about Single screw stretch film extrusion line

The main technical parameters

Screw diameter55mm60mm
Length / diameter ratio of the screw shaft28: 128: 1
Screw body material38CRMOLA38CRMOLA
Film width500 mm1000 mm
Film thickness0.015-0.05mm0.015-0.05 mm
winding diameter300mm300mm
Performance50kg / hour70kg / hour
Main motor power11kW15kW
Heating power15kW25kW
Габаритные размеры, мм4800×1500 x2500mm4800×2000 x2500mm

Optional equipment

1) automatic hopper

2) air shaft

3) Automatic drying bin

4) Change of electrical screen

5) Hydraulic screen changer

6) glue pump

7) rewinder

8) Waste recycling device


Note. Clients still need to prepare

1. Water: This machine is water cooled. Customers need to prepare 10 ton cold water tower or 6 foot chiller.

2. Electricity: The standard voltage of this machine is: 380V 50 / 60Hz. Customers need to prepare a supply voltage of at least 60KW.

3. Gas: screw air compressor, power cannot be less than 5.5kw.

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