Wind Cooling Plastic Recycling Machine

Product Description

The granulator uses HDPE and LDPE waste films as raw material and extrudes them to produce high-quality, pore- and water-free granules by using an extruder in air-cooling and hot-cutting mode. It is equipped with a forced feeder, a rapid screen-replacing device and an automatic temperature controller. The air-cooled granulator is similar to the principle of the water-cooled stripping and pelletizing machine. The difference is that the cooling medium is not water ring or water mist cooling, but is cooled by one or more cyclones. The air-cooled stretch-pull granulator does not get wet during the entire production process, thus ensuring that the granules have no water content. Due to the different properties of different plastics, different cooling time and space are required in the hot cutting process. In order to avoid the adhesion of the particles, sufficient cyclone cooling stages need to be considered. That is equipped with a cooling system to improve the quality of cooling stereotypes. Like other granulation equipment, the eager air-cooled granulator also has single-stage and double-stage structures.

Details about Wind Cooling Plastic Recycling Machine

Air-cooled wire drawing and pelletizing system is composed of: air-cooled steel wire mesh conveyor belt and pelletizer
The principle of air-cooled drawing and pelletizing system:
The twin-screw extruded sliver dropped on the air-cooled steel mesh conveyor belt. There are more than ten fans on the conveyor belt to cool the extruded plastic strips through the fans, and then sent to the pelletizer. Complete granulation of air-cooled braces.
Features of air-cooled wire drawing and pelletizing system:
1. The air-cooled draw bar granulator system has low cost and simple equipment. Low maintenance cost.
2. Air-cooled wire drawing and pelletizing production line is relatively long, generally 15m ~ 20m
3. The air-cooled stretch-pulling granulator is suitable for all kinds of materials, and the particles produced do not contain moisture.
For example 1, elastomer (TPE, TPR, TPU)
       2. Hot melt adhesive (PES, PA, EVA)
       3. High temperature resin (PA6, PA66, PBT, PET)
       4. Degradable plastics (PBS, PLA)
       5. Masterbatch (PE masterbatch, PP masterbatch, TPU masterbatch)

Technical Specifications

Screw DiameterΦ90Φ100Φ110Φ120
Screw L/D Ratio20:1
Rotate Speed of Screw10-100r/min
Power of Main Engine22303745
Max. Extrusion Output80kg/h100kg/h130kg/h150kg/h
Weight of Machine2600280030003200
Overall Dimension4000x1500x18004200x1500x18004400x1500x18004600x1500x1800

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