Scientific development and technological innovation of plastic bag making machine

China’s packaging machinery industry began to develop in the last century and entered a period of rapid development in the 1990s. At present, a complete industrial system has basically formed. With the increasing demand for plastic packaging bags in the food and beverage industries, the production of plastic packaging bags has developed rapidly. After several years of product structure adjustments, China’s packaging bags have changed from low-tech content to high output. Low-energy, large-scale complete bag-making machine equipment and high-tech products that are produced and sold in the right way are meeting the needs of the market. The packaging bags are constantly being updated, and the domestic and international markets are being further explored. Through the analysis of the performance and structure of the plastic bag making machine, the current situation and development of the bag making machine are described.


The emergence of plastic composite bag packaging has brought liquid food (drinks) in the form of bottles, cans, pots, etc. into the era of revolution and innovation in the application of plastic bag packaging, and has promoted three-side sealing bag making machines and four-side sealing bag making The technological advancement and application scope of the special-shaped bag making machine and the special-shaped bag making machine are developing particularly rapidly in the field of beverage bag packaging. Beverages are packaged in plastic bags, which are not only convenient to carry and easy to use, but also the storage and logistics costs are cheaper than glass bottles, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic bottles, PET (polyester) plastic bottles, cans and other packaging. Among them, the storage and transportation cost of finished products is 25% of bottled packaging, and the cost of storage and transportation of empty bag packaging is only 10% of bottle packaging; the recycling or utilization of waste is also more convenient, safer and environmentally friendly than bottles, cans, pots, etc. , Low processing cost. In addition to carbonated beverages such as cola, plastic composite bag packaging of fruit juice beverages and dairy beverages has long been popular in economically developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States. Liquid foods packed in plastic bags mainly include soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, white wine, fresh beer in bulk, dairy products, and beverages. Dairy products often use PE (polyethylene) plastic co-extruded film “U”-shaped sealed flexible packaging (Bailey bag) or “I”-shaped sealed paper/aluminum foil/plastic composite flexible packaging (Tetra Pak). Tetra Pak has a shelf life Longer high-end packaging; white wine has small packages using PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic blown film; bulk fresh beer is packed in PE (polyethylene) blown bags; there are also a small amount of high-priced, plastic composite, special-shaped, with plastic Mouth juice drink bag packaging.


Plastic bag making machine is to process various bags of plastic film to meet various packaging requirements. There are many kinds of plastic bag making machines, such as T-shirt bag making machine, flat bag making machine, continuous roll flat bag making machine, continuous roll garbage bag making machine, side seal bag making machine, three side seal bag making machine,  Mid-sealing bag-making machine, four-side sealing bag-making machine, special-shaped bag-making machine,  China’s bag-making machine has been produced for more than 30 years, and the requirements are getting higher and higher to meet the needs of different materials and different purposes. This article takes the bag-making machine for bottom-sealing bags as an example to summarize its performance structure and development direction.


1 Composition of bag making machine

The bag making machine is mainly composed of a conveying device, a transmission device, a bag making device, a bag collecting device, a bag sorting device, and an electric control system,

2. Bag making machine action

2.1 Basic actions of bag making machine

(1) Mechanical transmission: fixed bag length, intermittently conveying bag film;

(2) High temperature heat sealing;

(3) Cut to length: hot or cold cut;

(4) The bag is sent out;

(5) Count;

(6) Stacks of hot-binding books;

(7) Photoelectric detection of color code and control of bag length.

2.2 Auxiliary actions and other requirements

(1) Adjust the bag length, bag making speed, and welding knife temperature;

(2) Appropriate amount of bag film supply-guide device to keep the supply sheetforce;

(3) Eliminate static electricity;

(4) Hair dryer bag;

(5) The collection bag is output in stacks;

(6) Parking at a fixed height, easy to wear the film;

(7) Die cutting handles, recycling waste, etc.


3. Speed of bag making machine


According to the regulations of JB/T6493-92, the maximum bag-making speed of small and medium-sized bags is ≥80-100 times/min, and the maximum production line speed V≥30-50m/min. Therefore, the production cycle of each bag is only 0.75~0.54s (high-quality products require ≥130 times/min, which is only 0.46s). Because the bag-making action is intermittent, the real conveying time is up to 0.5 times, that is, 0.375~0.273s. Therefore, it shows that the bag-making machine requires fast, accurate, long-lasting, and non-impact, otherwise it will affect the bag-making accuracy and bag Excessive changes have taken place in the long-term, even resulting in waste.

Therefore, the design and manufacture of the bag making machine, the selection of electrical components and the start-up operation have high requirements. Limited by the bag making speed, the bag making speed is one of the main indicators for evaluating the performance of the bag making machine.


4. Selection of bag making machine design scheme

The bag-making machine has only existed since the early 1980s, and it can only produce bags with single color (colorless) or general printed film. The bag-making speed is not high, and it can be divided into high, medium and low speeds, and the maximum is about 50 times/min. All adopt pure mechanical transmission, relying on the crank connecting rod mechanism and the overrunning clutch to realize the intermittent conveying work of the rubber roller and the heat sealing and cutting of the film. Due to the difficulties in manufacturing and the precision of the clutch is not high, slipping often occurs during work, which affects the length of the bag. Once the clutch wear is serious, maintenance is difficult and production will be affected. Therefore, this kind of bag making machine can only be used for ordinary bag production, and the production efficiency is low. It is now an ordinary equipment. By the mid-1980s, bag making machines had made great progress and development. Some companies in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Europe use electromagnetic clutches and electromagnetic brakes to fix them on both ends of the conveying rubber roller and control them by cams. When the clutch at one end is engaged or disengaged, the brake at the other end is disengaged or engaged, working alternately. The cam is fixed on the main shaft in the transmission system. The main shaft is equipped with a crank connecting rod mechanism and two sets of eccentric gear mechanisms to drive the rubber roller conveying, copper knife heat sealing, and steel knife cutting actions respectively. In fact, except for the electromagnetic clutch and brake, the other parts of this bag making machine are basically the same as ordinary bag making machines. Due to the reciprocating movement of the mechanical part, plus the use of a photoelectric probe to find the color mark on the product film, and the response to the signal from the electrical control circuit, it will stop in time. Therefore, it is not easy for the actual production speed to reach 100 times/min, which is also related to the entire electrical control circuitThe design and component issues.Assuming that the photoelectric probe works within 20° of the positive stroke, its working time is: 20*60s/(80~100) times=0.0417~0.033 times/min where is a working cycle; (80~100) is the assumed bag making speed, times/min. If the length of the customized bag is 450mm and the width of the color code is 3mm, the time for the probe to pass the color code is only: 60s/(80~100) times=0.0025~0.002s/time, that is, 2~2.5 ms. Only allow the reaction time and electromechanical system of the color code photoelectric sensorTogether, the action time is only about 2ms. If the width of the color code is narrower and the bag making speed is faster, the required response time will be shorter and more difficult. Therefore, it is very important to select high-quality photoelectric sensors for making pattern bags. According to our experience, the SUNX, RT-410-1/ 5D or 401-3 photoelectric probes made in Japan are no longer applicable, and the SICK,NT6 or NT8 are available. According to merchants, the NT8 has a maximum sensitivity of 0.2ms, which means it can reach 5000 times per second, but it is more expensive. For electromagnetic clutches and electromagnetic brakes, Kobelco produced in Japan can meet 100 cycles/min, and it is difficult to achieve more than that. In order to strengthen the response ability, that is to reach the torque value as soon as possible, the voltage from the control circuit is instantaneously increased by 4 times the rated value, so that the super torque can be obtained in a short time, and it will exert its effect without overheating and burning. In addition, the larger the clutch specification, the greater the torque provided, but the longer response time, that is, the torque of the clutch and brake limits the effect frequency. For multi-layer bag making machines or larger bag making machines, the speed cannot be increasedUp. In addition, there are difficulties in the design of electrical circuits, and the speed of 120 cycles/min is often the limit. Therefore, the developmen prospects of bag making machines that use electromagnetic clutches, electromagnetic brakes and photoelectric control technology are limited.


6.in conclusion

Plastic bag making machines are developing from simple to complex, from monochromatic bags to colorful bags; from single-row, single-layer to multi-row, and multi-layer development; from cylindrical film bags to composite multi-layer film bags, more and more patterns many. Although the auxiliary movements have been increased and improved a lot, the basic movements have not changed much. The improvement of the machine level often lies in the electrical control. It is an inevitable trend for the bag making machine to replace the traditional photoelectric control technology with microelectronic technology. Therefore, the development of new bag-making machines must be combined with electromechanics, and strive to increase and improve advanced electrical equipment. The development of the world’s advanced bag-making machinery has shown a trend of integrating machinery, electricity, gas, liquid, light, magnetism, and production into one, with high production efficiency and energy-saving products.Recyclability, high-tech practicality, and intelligence have become a trend. Change the situation of low-tech content as soon as possible, learn advanced foreign technology, develop and produce large-scale complete sets of equipment and high-tech products with high efficiency and low consumption, production and sales, and develop suitable packaging equipment according to national conditions to accelerate the replacement of packaging machinery. Further develop domestic and international markets. Although there are still some difficulties in promoting plastic bag packaging in the beverage industry, the promotion and application of plastic bag packaging in the beverage industry will definitely become an unstoppable trend.

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