The difference between flexo printing machine and gravure printing machine

The flexographic printing and gravure printing processes have their own advantages. The advantages of flexographic printing are: suitable for short-run printing or printing of products whose design content changes frequently; if the original design is simple, the production cost is relatively low; the space is small and the capital investment is small Less, less restrictive conditions. The advantages of gravure printing are: high printing resistance, very suitable for long-type work, can be printed multiple times; the consistency of the printed image is good; can achieve double-sided printing of the roll material; the printed product is continuous and jointless; the same flexo printing Compared with products, the visual effect of gravure printing products is stronger, and the quality is generally higher, so generally the progress and development of gravure printing cannot be clearly noticed.

The advancement of plate making and engraving technology and the development of filmless electronic engraving have greatly improved the consistency of gravure prints.

In terms of production technology, the printing of web materials, whether using gravure technology or flexographic technology, requires almost the same requirements. There is no difference between unwinding and winding, tension control, drying and monitoring systems. For the same job, gravure printing and flexo printing require similar workload. The difference between the two lies mainly in the process used. The gravure printing uses an engraving cylinder, while the flexographic printing uses a soft and elastic printing plate. In addition, the investment in gravure printing process is generally 20% -30% higher than flexographic printing.

So the difference between flexo printing machine and gravure printing machine is still quite obvious, so people can choose the right product according to the actual situation to meet people’s production needs.

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