Thin film performance test of blown film machine: haze, density

6.10 haze (ASTM D1003)

    The haze is an indicator of measuring the amount of light transmitted through the film. In the standard test method, the amount of light is used to detect the light through the film to the set angle range using the haze measuring equipment. The measurement was measured in a thin film ray incident surface. The higher the amount of incident light in the amount of light, the greater the fog degree.

6.11 density (ASTM D1505)

    The density is the intrinsic properties of the material, defined as the weight of the unit volume material. For all materials, the density is related to temperature, because the temperature can alter the molecular spatial distribution, that is, the volume is changed. For solid-state polymers, especially polyethylene films, density is also significantly affected by crystallinity. The high-knockedmentinity means that the molecular arrangement is tight and the density is higher. The difference between high density polyethylene and low density polyethylene is different from the crystallinity.

    The blow molding film density test is affected by multiple factors. In order to control the quality of film products, the processing process must be scientifically reasonable, but it is not completely stable. The heating of the processing process, the fluctuation of factors such as cooling the melt extrusion process will cause the crystallinity to change the density of the article. At the same time, the mixing and feeding deviation of the formulas will also bring fluctuations in the density of the product. Finally, the density of different raw materials is very different, and the density test can be used to determine the raw materials used in the article.

    Standard test methods use density gradient columns (Figure 6.6) test density. Two different density liquid inverted pipes. The liquid density of the tube is large and the top density is small. The density is linearly distributed from the bottom to top. Put a plurality of known density pillars into the tube, which will be suspended at a height corresponding to its density. This thus forms a scale scale corresponding to the height corresponding to the height. At this time, an unknown density was added, and the sample would be suspended at a height corresponding to its density. This test requires experience and patience. But once prepared, this device can measure the density of unknown substances very quickly and accurately.

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